March 29, 2016 – “I would strongly recommend that you buy Hanna’s book, Lived to Tell It.   It’s a story about an incredibly strong woman who barely escaped death and her abusive husband and put her daughters lives first and then managed to become successful and sharing her strength and hope with another victims of domestic violence. I read the book in two days, it was hard to put down. Congrats Hanna!”

– David, Phoenix AZ

March 14, 2016 -“I just finished reading Lived to Tell It and I wanted to thank you in person for sending it.  It was written with such openness and honesty that it was almost mind-blowing.  It is a truly important resource, not only for women who are trying to find their way out of an abusive relationship, but also for family and friends who may not understand the fear and mind-control that makes it so hard for victims to leave their abusers. Thank you for signing the book for me.  You’re a remarkably courageous woman”.

WOW!!, March 8, 2014 – I just finished Hanna Murray’s book Lived to Tell It. What I got out of this book was to see Hanna rise above all her abuse.  In the beginning how she treasured her family values, but knew she needed to rise above this for herself and 2 daughters.  I would hope all women and men get a chance to read this book so either to help themselves or someone they feel might be in the same situation. – Theresa

A Gripping True Crime Book You Must Read!!!!! , September 28, 2011- “Lived To Tell It was a phenomenal book I could not put it down, I read it in less than 4 hours. Hanna’s story is one of courage and perseverance and after reading her story I understand why some women who are in this situation feel they have to keep it to themselves. Hanna gives women the strength to come forward and to get help. I highly recommend reading this book it’s definitely a must read.”- Kayla Darcy

Frightening & Enlightening!!, June 2, 2011- “This story frightened me something awful AND I couldn’t put it down! What happened to Hannah could happen to any woman but, was compounded by her ethnic upbringing and fear of disappointing anyone & everyone. This combination is deadly when it comes to relationships and made her a prime target for abuse. People often ask why a woman would stay with her abuser and, this gives great insight into WHY & HOW that can happen. I had never heard of it to this extent though. She gives us more than a glimpse inside her mind and deepest thoughts so that we understand what held her to him. Those reasons would certainly cause any beaten down woman to do the same after what he did to her, she absolutely believed him capable of carrying though more of her worst nightmares. In the end I felt proud of her for her strength to finally step up and protect herself and her loved ones. She mentions her lack of “Boundaries” several times throughout the book & this is a more than common problem among women (yes, even in today’s world) leading to Domestic Abuse anywhere along the spectrum from Mild to WAY Over the Top Violence as this book portrays. If you want to understand more about Domestic Abuse READ THIS BOOK!!!”

Strong Character and faithful woman, May 11, 2011- “I am astounded that the writer was able to gather her thoughts together and continue to live with someone like him. I feel that she shows strength in the Creator and amazed that she survived the attempts on her life. What an amazing story. She truly showed amazing faith and constraint because I would not have been able to do that. She had two small children and continue to have a loving family relationship with her mom and dad. She even found love in the end. She is an amazing woman. Life is too short to live in anything but a loving relationship. What an amazing person the author must be. Best of luck always until you are called home to meet your loving husband, Ed.”

What a Story, April 12, 2011- “Hannah’s book tells the fascinating story of her dedication to her culture and beliefs, even in the face of personal danger. It is hard for someone who hasn’t been raised in the that way to understand how it could be. Because of that, I would love to see more depth and feeling in her descriptions to gain insight beyond just a telling of what happened. The story is compelling nonetheless, and I wanted to keep reading!”

I loved the book, April 11, 2011- “I was so fascinated by Hanna’s story that I read the book from the beginning to the end in 24 hours. The book should be read by all women. The book gives us an insight on what can happen in a relationship. It also shares the needs of her children and what a loving mother will do for her children, regardless of who likes it. The story also tells the reader about Hannah’s love and faith in her family, her family’s beliefs, and coming from a different country. Her experiences were very awakening to me. Because of Hannah’s experience, I learned, became engrossed, and gained faith in the Lord. People will have to feel very near to Hannah, her girls, and her loving family. The book makes one wonder how they would react in Hannah’s position. I feel stronger and more loving after reading her story. I hope she will let us know
how her live continues in the future. I loved the book.”